Car rental for several days

Car rental for several days

In modern society, people should be as mobile as possible, and we contribute to this by offering the best service for short-term car rental. Arriving in Baku or for negotiations, on a business trip or for tourism purposes, you can be sure that renting a car by the day at “Buta Rent a Car” is more than available - you are given the opportunity to choose from a wide range and favorable rental conditions.

1. operational execution in accordance with the law;
2. help managers in emergency situations (accident, theft);
3. Delivery of a car to the right place;
In our company, everything has been done to maximally facilitate the process of registering a car rental for a period of 2 days. From individuals, only a passport (national or foreign) and a driver's license are required.

In case of accident or car theft, it is necessary to notify the police (Tel.:102), contact the Buta Rent a Car manager - you can contact our employees for help at any time of the day. The same should be done if a malfunction occurs in the car. All cars undergo regular maintenance and are in working condition. However, if for any reason a malfunction occurs, then Buta Rent a CAR will take care of its speedy elimination. In the event of a serious breakdown, the car will be picked up and provided in return for another.

At the request of the client, an employee of “Buta Rent a Car” will deliver the car to the agreed place and pick it up at the end of the rental period (the service is paid separately). Our company has no restrictions on mileage within Baku and the surrounding regions. A well-equipped fleet of vehicles allows the company to offer a wide selection of economy and business class models.

Extensive experience working with various clients allows Buta Rent a Car managers to offer the best options for specific customer goals. Thanks to the convenient booking system, a car can be ordered on the website or by e-mail, and payment must be made in cash or by credit card.