Who pays for the repair of a rental car if I get into an accident?

Buta Rent a Car cars are insured. In the event of damage to the car in an accident due to the fault of the tenant, he is liable within the franchise. With proven innocence, the tenant does NOT bear financial responsibility! In this case, you must perform all actions (call the traffic police, issue certificates) related to the accident. If you have a car accident, call the company manager and we will always help you in a stressful situation. We will also offer you a replacement car of the same class, if you are not the culprit.

Where can I rent a rental car at the end of the rental period? Do I have to come to your office, or can I do it where it is more convenient for me?

At the end of the rental period, you can rent it wherever it is more convenient for you, in our offices or anywhere in Baku. Car rental outside the office is subject to a surcharge. The place and time of the rental car must be warned by the company manager in advance.

Can I install child seats in a rental car at your company?

If you want to install child seats in a rental car, tell our manager in advance. When you arrive to pick up the car, it will be equipped with a child seat

My friend and I would like to rent a car for two from you. Is it possible?

No problem! In order to rent a car for two, you need to add a second driver to the car rental agreement and write out two powers of attorney, for you and your friend, relative or wife.